AudienceIntel Use Cases

AudienceIntel™ can help you understand your website visitors and optimize your marketing campaigns

Financial Services

AudienceIntel™ can be an integral part of a Closed-Loop Attribution approach which helps financial service marketers better evaluate how effective their marketing campaigns are performing at driving actual customer activity.

Financial services marketers typically want to evaluate how their marketing campaigns are performing by tying customer engagement with a website or digital ads to actual business objectives, such as new account opening. Marketing campaigns may drive substantial traffic to a company web site and involve digital ads on a variety of publisher sites. Many times the company (or its agency) will track web traffic and responses, but is often not able to correlate either with actual new account activity.

Regional Banks

AudienceIntel™ can help provide fast and easy campaign performance measurement capabilities for resource-strapped marketing teams.

Regional banks with hundreds of branches scattered over a number of states frequently create a substantial volume of direct mail and other campaigns, yet may not have the depth of staff or the technology resources to thoroughly analyze results. Often they may not know how to effectively measure their response rate or how best to evaluate the channels they currently use for marketing or determine new channels to use in the future.