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What is AudienceIntel?

AudienceIntel is an analytics tool that gives you a view of your website and online campaign traffic through the lens of Equifax financial and economic profiles of your website visitor segments.  You can view data on your website traffic in real-time to gain insights on whether your site and campaigns are reaching the intended customer segments. With interactive dashboards and easy on-the-fly reporting you can see exactly who is engaging with your online messages, and if they are your intended audience.

Is AudienceIntel right for me and my business?

What do you know about the customers and more importantly the potential customers that are coming to your website?  Do you want to understand if the people you’re marketing to and bringing in with your SEO/SEM and organic traffic are likely to have the financial capacity to afford your product?  Do you want to prove you are getting the customers you’re targeting?  Well then, AudienceIntel is definitely for you!  We have seen use cases of our tool work well with auto dealers and manufacturers, non-profits, start-ups, retail, restaurants, luxury goods, banking, and many other industry verticals.  Contact us for more examples of how AudienceIntel can help you today!

Set up your measurement code

You will need to include a measurement code in your website in order to collect and send usage data to be processed by AudienceIntel. For the Free Trial you can only set up 1 website. Once you purchase you can view multiple websites in the same account, but every website must be set up individually. Creating multiple measurement codes can only be done once you purchase a license.


Once you complete the onboarding process and receive a measurement code, copy and paste it below the <body> tag on the page(s) you would like to measure. You could also place this code in the header or footer file of your website so that it is placed on every page with only one place to paste it. Every page which has a measurement code inserted is displayed in the Source filter which allows you to confine your reporting to specific pages. You can also embed event measurement in any ad you want to display on other sites, in email campaigns, or even on mobile.  We have other measurement solutions for mobile devices and email campaigns that do not allow JavaScript, so please contact us if you need those technologies.

After you’ve completed your set up, return to this Support Center to learn more about managing your account, using the insights, and analyzing additional segments with our robust data products.

How does the measurement code work?

The measurement code is placed into your website code to communicate with us every time a user visits your site.  The code is matched to our best-of-breed database of cookies and IP addresses. This allows us to measure your web traffic via the lens of financial and economic measures from Equifax. The measurement code neither gathers nor transmits any personally identifiable information.

The web traffic we can measure includes individual web pages along with the ads, buttons, or other clickable links that appear on any given web page. This measurement code is in JavaScript, but we also have a non-JavaScript pixel code that can be used for email campaigns, sites that don’t allow JavaScript, and mobile.

Please reference the AudienceIntel Terms & Conditions for further information and requirements to post data collection and privacy notices on your website.

What intelligence can I gain from AudienceIntel?

On the Intel screen you can view Total Visitors of your website, ad or campaign which can be filtered by date ranges.  The scored audience graph below shows you how your traffic is divided into various segments using Equifax economic and financial data.  This helps you determine if your marketing messaging is resonating with the audience that is most appropriate to view and purchase your products and services.

If you’d like to add additional measures, please contact us.  Also, if you already license Equifax measures for offline use, contact your account representative to learn how to incorporate them into AudienceIntel.

Free Trial Specifics

Can I extend the trial?

If you registered for the AudienceIntel Free Trial, thank you from all of us for trying out our product! You have a standard 30 days to check out our analytics tool to help you gain insights on your website traffic and campaign segmentation.  We know it can take a while for certain organizations to implement our measurement code, so if you need additional time, please contact us and we can extend this trial free of charge.

What kinds of data can I access with the Free Trial?

During the free trial, you get complimentary access to Income, Discretionary Spending, Aggregated FICO Scores, and our Economic segmentation system called Economic Cohorts.  We have additional data products as well which we can add to your license if you are interested.

Are there data limits to the number of records we can process?

We can process millions upon millions with lightning speed.  But…. we do limit the number to 500k per month per customer.  This can be extended upon request and with additional license cost, but we usually configure this based on customer need when you become fully licensed.

How long will you keep the data after my trial expires?

Because both customers and trial users may lapse and be reinstated over time, we may store website traffic data up to one year after your trial or license expires. We may be able to reproduce the data if you later decide you still want to access this data or reinitiate your trial or purchase a license at a later date; we do not share this data with anyone and ensure utmost security and privacy.

Accounts, Users, and Permissions

How do I get another account set up for my colleague so we can share the same data?

Contact us directly and we will link the account to the correct customer id. If they have already created an account send us the email address, and if they haven’t send us the email anyway and we will provision it with a temporary password.

How do I get access to additional data products through Equifax?

Contact us directly and we will point you towards the appropriate sales rep to license them. Here is a list of those data products that are available to work with your data in AudienceIntel.

How do I delete/cancel my account?

We don’t know why you would ever want to do that, but if you do, please let us know why and we’ll gladly remove your data and account information for you.

Full License Capabilities

Create unlimited campaigns

You can create additional campaigns on your own for other websites, portions of your website to test out specific flows, landing pages, ad campaigns or mobile experiences.

Hierarchy of permissions and additional user accounts

We can configure multiple levels of hierarchy within the campaign structure of you want to restrict user access to certain campaigns or if you’re a re-seller and have multiple clients and campaigns you need to track at once.  We also allow you to add additional user accounts easily and quickly.

Bring your own data to pair with ours!

You can pass additional data parameters along with your traffic information to make the dashboard more relevant and actionable for your business.  We can also configure the filter categories and filter items to give you the breakdown of data you really need to make decisions.

Custom Event Capabilities

You can set up custom events for measuring that gather data on click elements on the page which can be displayed in your filters.  This measurement code also has the ability to mine information like duration on site, click paths, device type, and other metrics that would be helpful in your analytics efforts.  Please contact us if you’re interested in configuring and enabling these features.

Mobile Measurement

YES!  We have multiple capabilities that allow this and can deliver additional insights on your mobile users.  We can track mobile web, apps, and other experiences across all platforms.

Additional Applications from WalletInsights

Can I segment and market to customers using the data measures found in AudienceIntel?

YES!  We have multiple ways you can target using online ads, offline campaigns, or using data in other ad segmentation tools.  Contact us for more information on these products!

Can I perform website customization with the data measures found in Audience Intel?

YES!  We have capabilities to allow you to use the data to present customized offers, creatives, landing pages and the like so that customers get a truly personalized experience even if they are anonymous and have never been to your site before! Contact us for more information on our website optimization product!

Can I use these data measures to segment my mailing lists to potential and current customers?

YES!  We have a tool called Segment Manager that allows you to upload a prospect or customer file, append our data measures, and segment them into different lists using our easy to use quick count tool.  You can then export these lists and use them for your mail campaigns quickly and easily! Contact us for more information on Segment Manager!

Can I use this data for my sales team to use over the phone or in person to present tailored offers on the spot?

YES!  We have a tool called Household Decisions that allows you to determine the most appropriate offer based on these data measures.  We have a rules engine that allows you to tailor each offer to a specific segment or groups and ranges of segments that unlocks new potential in your sales team.  It too has a free trial which you can check out here.

Can I use this data for my financial analysts to figure out how often and how aggressively they should pursue their potential clients?

YES!  We have a tool called Client Action Planner that can allow Wealth Managers to determine how to prioritize their book of business.   We use our proprietary asset estimates to help Wealth Managers understand which type of investment customer or prospect each household is likely to be. The efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team may increase when you have an estimate of how much money your customers may have invested in other places, their asset mix, and other factors outside of the money you manage for them.  Contact us for more information on Client Action Planner!