About Our Data

As a trusted market leader and innovator, Equifax offers insights to enrich the performance of businesses. We have a 20-year history of providing marketing and sales executives at financial services and consumer firms with powerful insights about their customers and prospects. Equifax helps its clients improve ROI in marketing and selling programs, increase productivity, and gain more loyal relationships with customers.


The Power of Direct-Measured Assets

Through an exclusive network of leading financial institutions, Equifax directly measures approximately $13 trillion in anonymous U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing more than 43 percent of all U.S. consumer invested assets. This proprietary data network is the engine that drives our highly-effective customer targeting solutions.


Aggregated, Anonymous Data Protects Privacy

While AudienceIntel presents likely estimates of visitors’ income or spending capacity, these are based on aggregated, anonymous data. The software calculates the estimate using complex models but does not use actual, individual household data. Individual privacy is guarded by all Equifax products.


Bring Financial Insight Into Your Digital Marketing Efforts

AudienceIntel integrates seamlessly with financial measures from the following products to bring significant insight to marketers executing B2C marketing campaigns and managing websites:

*WealthComplete is only available with AudienceIntel to current IXI Network members.


Get Actionable Results Quickly

AudienceIntel is available as a monthly subscription, utilizing two of our most popular household income and discretionary spending products – Income360 and Discretionary Spending Dollars and can be implemented quickly and easily. A full license is available with any or all of the above products. Contact us for more information and pricing. Customized trials are also available.


See For Yourself!

A Free 30-day Trial is available using household income and discretionary spending financial measures from the Income360, Discretionary Spending Dollars, Economic Cohorts, and Aggregated FICO products. See what your campaign responders and website visitors look like from an income and spending capacity viewpoint! Gain insights to apply to your current and future marketing campaigns and make the most of your marketing budget.


Suite of Marketing Analytics Tools

AudienceIntel is part of the WalletInsights Suite that merges the power of our data with a dashboard of customizable, targeted marketing analytic products to provide our customers with actionable insight into their marketing efforts.