Know Your Customers


  • Even anonymous potential customers
  • Optimize marketing campaigns for real people
  • Improve your conversion rates today!


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Segmented Website Traffic

Verify Your Audience

Verify your website audience

Use analytics to verify that you
are reaching your target audience.

Optimize Your Content

Optimize your website

Keep your prospects and customers
engaged on your site.

Improve Your Conversions

Improve your website funnel

Use data analytics to ensure
your funnel is optimal.

Identify the Spending Power of Your Audience


We directly and anonymously measure approximately $13 trillion representing more than 43% of all U.S. consumer invested assets. This proprietary data network is the engine that drives the following estimated data you can view:

  • Income
  • Discretionary Spending
  • FICO Scores
  • Other Economic & Demographic segmentation


About Our Data

IXI Network Data Map
Get Insights on Real Customers – Faster

Get Insights on Real Customers – Faster


  • Real-time measurement shows traffic within 8 seconds
  • No more waiting for 24 hours to see if a user has hit your conversion goal
  • Aggressively pursue important leads based on our proprietary data
  • Time is everything in online sales


More Features

Unique Way To Test Pages And Ads


Use AudienceIntel for A/B testing of landing pages, ads or campaigns:

  • Gain perspective on how changes work with different prospect levels
  • Analyze impact in near real-time – no waiting 24 hours for results
  • See if a particular message works better with a target group



Unique Way To Test Pages And Ads

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